Desktop Player Updates in 3.2.0

Faster, More Reliable Syncing

For this release, we made some big stability improvements for syncing across multiple computers.

No network, no problem

Network interruptions will no longer affect sync, it will pick up and resume whenever you're back online.

Faster syncing

The way we analyze your music to create a unique fingerprint for it is now way faster. This is great if you have a very large collection to sync.

Mobile syncing

Sync now works with mobile! We are about to release the mobile app, sending out to beta testers first on TestFlight. If you gave us your email, we'll be sending you the app in the next few days.

Track View — Resize columns

When we released the last version with Track View, it was a first pass at a feature a lot of people had been requesting. We are going to be making more improvements to track view overall, and in this version we added resizing of columns.

We will be adding reordering of columns as well, and later on, complete column customization.

Better Performance

Some of the changes we made are invisible but have a huge impact. Voltra now performs well with over a million tracks/albums/artists. But in general the app will feel and perform faster.

Other details

View the changelog here:

Photo credit: Scott Rodgerson