Introducing the Voltra Music Server

Why rent when you can own?

These days, music is all about access — streaming services are selling you access to their music catalogues. But instead of renting your music from somebody else, wouldn’t it be better if you could get access to your own music collection just as easily — wherever you are, on any device? And for free?

The Voltra Audio Archive has been successful so far, but we also wanted to offer a solution that isn’t backed by the cloud — a hardware product that would fit in perfectly with everything else we have built.

And so we are building the Voltra Music Server.

Voltra Music Server in Black

The Voltra Music Server

Think of the Voltra Music Server as your own private home streaming server. You own the music, you stream it from your home. It’s private, secure, and there are no monthly payments or subscriptions.

Designed for Music.

More than just storage, the Voltra Music Server uses a protocol that replicates your metadata. This means the information that describes your music is properly updated when there are changes. When you access your music from any of your devices, the information is up-to-date and accurate.

You can also stream your hi-res music in its original quality by connecting to your Voltra Music Server — we don't compress or downsample any of your music files.

It's yours.

Most music services want to be your landlord — you stop paying the rent, they take it all away. Voltra Music Server is yours and you control it completely. There's no monthly subscription.

And of course, you own the music. Your music listening isn't subject to broadcast licensing terms. It wont be taken down at the whim of a record label. It won't disappear when your favorite streaming service goes out of business.

Private & Secure.

All of your devices connect directly over HTTPS to the Voltra Music Server and to each other, forming their own private peer-to-peer network — without having to rely on any third-party cloud service.

There are never any ads on the Voltra platform — protect your music investment and keep advertisers out of your personal life.

Music Server + Audio Archive.

For extra assurance, you can use it together with the Voltra Audio Archive for a cloud backup of your music collection. Automatically back up your data from the Music Server to the Voltra Audio Archive, and pull it down from the cloud if something happens to your local storage.

Voltra Music Server - Back View

Voltra Music Server - Back View

The Voltra Music Server is now available for preorder now and will be shipping in Spring 2018. It comes with 2TB of storage in black or white finish at $299.99 USD.

We are also currently offering an introductory price of $249.99 USD with Free Shipping for the first 100 preorders.

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